The chart at the right was put together by RCI for internal training purposes in 1991. It illustrates the balance at that time between timeshares available for exchange through RCI and the overall demand for them in many key resort areas. The data, although extremely dated, may still be of interest to TUG members, if only for historical purposes.

Please do not write us asking for updates to this chart. Believe us, we've tried. RCI long ago decided supply/demand data was far too valuable as proprietary information to release it.

This data reflects only regional supply and demand figures and is not intended to reflect on the desirablility of any particular resort.

 In an area where demand greatly exceeds supply (e.g. Hawaii), it can be difficult to trade into the area, and owners there generally have good relative trading power.

 In an area where supply greatly exceeds demand (e.g. Malaga, Spain), it should be relatively easy to trade into the area, but owners there may find it more difficult to exchange their resort for one in a higher demand area.

Also, this chart reflects data on an annual basis and does not take seasonal variations into account. The supply/demand balance for some seaside or ski resorts, for instance, may vary considerably between their "high" and "low" seasons.

Some of RCI's area groupings are fairly broad (all of the New England states are combined, for instance, and where would Australia and New Zealand fall - S.E. Asia Pacific perhaps?), which may make it difficult to determine the situation for a particular resort area.

Chart constructed by Resort Condominiums International.
Special thanks to TUG member Chris Mazarati for forwarding it to TUG.

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