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Email Address Change Form

If your web browser doesn't support forms input, please send the information below via email:
Send mail to timeshare-users-group.com

So you've got yourself a brand new email address / new postal mailing address. Or maybe TUG just has it wrong.

If you're a TUG member, TUG WANTS TO KNOW ABOUT IT. And here's an easy way to tell us. Fill out the quick and easy address change form right here.

PLEASE NOTE - this form is used only to update your Timeshare Users Group (TUG) membership email address. It does NOT update your bbs profile (see note at bottom of page). Do not use this form if you are not a TUG member.

Note: Information provided below will be treated as confidential. It will be used
internally by TUG for membership record and website maintenance purposes only.

Please provide your real name (required)
Your previous TUG Member email address (if known)
Your new email address (required)

Other email addresses that work as backup

Your login username

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Your postal mailing address
(Please indicate if new address)

Please indicate below any areas of the TUG website where your email address may need to be updated.
Your new email address will be sent only to the TUG Volunteer(s) responsible for updating the
appropriate section(s) of the website. Postal address information will not be shared.

TUG Volunteers please list
area(s) of responsibility

Member help in resort reviews
Please include resort name(s)
and region (e.g. US West)

For Sale Ads
Please provide resort name(s)
and ad number(s)

For Rent Ads
Please provide resort name(s)
and ad number(s)

Direct Exchange Ads
Please provide resort
name(s) and location(s)

Any Other Areas


Submission of this form allows your TUG membership records to be updated. This will assure we have a current email address on file for you in case we need to communicate with you. If you list updates for resort reviews, ads, etc., your new email address will go to the appropriate TUG Volunteers so they can update those resources.

Submission of this form will NOT update the email address you have associated with your TUG Bulletin Board account. The TUG BBS is an independent automated program that is not linked to the TUG membership directory. You must make your own changes on the bbs manually by updating your BBS profile.

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Form updated 15 April 2007 by Doug Wilson